Derek Travels

On my little/epic journey to Australia I realised, on my way,that I had forgotten my little travelling companion. I searched all of the toy stores in Kuala Lumpur airport, two, to find a suitable replacement but to no avail. Speaking no chinese or malay I had to mime ‘dinosaur’. Hot.

On my arrival to one of the best cities in the world, Melbourne, I sheepishly asked one of the best ladies in the world, Julia, if we could stop by a toy store to get my hands on a little dinosaur. Turns out in the room I was staying was a lovely little orange dinosaur that was left there ‘accidentally’ or even providentially.We embarked on a little instagram adventure #derektravels.

So here documented in just a few of the pictures are Derek’s Travels. 

Derek and I share a passion for good food. . .

Homemade chutney and cheese on sour dough bread with torn chicken, rocket and dressing.

photo 1

Snow Pony … best coffee and food! (Melbourne)

photo 5-1

Sampling what the locals have to offer.. . (mum’s favourite!)

photo 2-3

He helped out getting ready for one the most beautiful weddings I have EVER been to!

photo 3-1

Got a kiss from the bride!

photo 4

Made it up the aisle.

photo 5

We then stayed with some of the loveliest that got all a bit excited with Derek. Here are the best.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1

photo 3-2

There were trains…

photo 3

And our endless search for good coffee…

photo 3-3

and wine…

photo 4-1

Riding my brothers coat tails.. . or pockets!

photo 5-2

In Byron Bay Derek mounted a classic aussie burger, beetroot, egg, bacon, pineapple … and the normal bits. Yum!

photo 3-4

Visiting a little church in country Australia…

photo 4-3

Taking in the sights…

photo 4-2

Checking out the surf…


It was just a little bit of fun but was nice to have a little dino face to associate my 2012 trip with!

Derek, thanks for the laughs!

x Celeste 


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