Friday finds..

Apologies for our silence… life has gotten a wee bit hectic for us foxes but for you this weekend we have some Christmassy ideas for you!

For some classic homemade Christmas decorations.

My favourites are ones that I have done since I was a little girl with my mum.. easy and cheap but hurt your fingers. All you need are oranges, cloves and ribbon.

hanging chris tingles

chris tingle

I am a sucker for tradition so why not start your very own tradition for christmas?

I started going to see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at Christmas at an old cinema each year and when we can’t find an old cinema we’ll turn our house into one!


Look at what things you can bring to contribute to a christmas meal to spice it up? Maybe a Christmas dish from another part of the world?

We hope your days are being merry and bright wherever you are!

Let’s get ready for Christmas!

– Tracks of Foxes


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