Friday Finds: a few fun finds to fuel your weekend

A happy belated Thanksgiving to all our American friends!  Hope you have a weekend full of leftover pumpkin pie & turkey.  Us foxes are thankful for many things, among which, at the risk of being cheesy, we are super grateful you read along with our scribbling/making/adventuring!

This weekend we will be up to all manner of lovliness from toasting bread around an open fire, to bridesmaiding down under, to enjoying company of visiting friends & celebrating belated birthdays.  We hope that inspite of the weather warnings here in the UK, you will have people to cosy up to and fab food and fun conversation to keep your insides warm:

Here are a few finds to help you on your way:


I bought this print for my boy and because of its utter loveliness I bought some for friends, it is by Kate Alizadeh, a fab illustrator from Falmouth – her etsy shop is guaranteed to make you smile!

These slippers will keep your toes toasty

if i had a million dollars I would wrap myself in this shearling coat from Toast

This saturday we are off out to The rattlesnake in islington to enjoy some sonic delights thanks to daniel and his good ones, listen along here, or pop along if you are in the hood.

For those of you who came of age in the mid nineties, and grew up swooning over Ethan Hawke and hoping to be a cool as Julie Delpy, this news will gladden your heart as it has mine.

Some essential information for compiling ‘Dear Santa letters…”

Happy weekending one and all!

Celeste, Hanna & Sarah


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