Found Things: Bakehouse

Bakehouse in St Albans has been there for so much time and I have only just found my way to it! How is this the case?

Sometimes life is unfair! (I’m feeling hyperbolic today..)

This place is so sweet with beautiful interior decorations, incredible baked goods (you would hope so with a name like the Bakehouse!), pretty views of St Albans Abbey, tasty hot-pot style food & … wait for it… Monmouth Coffee!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Monmouth coffee in close proximity to me! Glory!

Whenever I am in Covent Garden I try to make sure I find my way to Monmouth and have some of their beaut coffee. The best in all the land, in my opinion!

I may also really enjoy asking if they do flavoured syrup. I don’t actually want syrup in my coffee but to watch their face as they look at me with judgement and disgust, because syrup in good coffee is sacrilege. They look at me like I’d gone into their house at christmas and wee’d on their kids.

Anyway, at Bakehouse, I ate a delicious sweet potato and leek crumble and then had pumpkin bread, that tasted like autumn and cinnamony heaven, and coffee for dessert.

They also gave some fun ideas for vases by using old colmans mustard tins and old marmite jars as vases. Too cute and so ‘green’.

If you are in Hertfordshire and looking for somewhere lovely to go and have a little something to brighten your day, eyes, mouth, heart and tummy then definitely give Bakehouse a go!

Happy Hump Day!

– Celeste xx



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2 responses to “Found Things: Bakehouse

  1. Fraser Smith

    Monmouth coffee served badly!

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