A weekend in pictures…

This weekend can be summed up by this little quote from C.S. Lewis.

Celeste got to go and see the lovely Hanna and her husband, drink, smoke cigars, eat good food, talk about life, sit by the fire and laugh big style.

A little flat white and cake at Society Cafe in Bath …

The goodness, love, kindness, talent, fun and humour of a true friend are so good for the soul.

Oh, and cake. Let’s not forget cake.

Here you are!

A little bit of jamming… (Jammin in the name of the Lord!)

The only thing acceptable about 7am is the beautiful sunrise!

As if life couldn’t get better, Sarah, her Simon, Celeste and some lovely ones finished the weekend off with Wahaca, passionfruit margaritas and the Defectors Weld.

Shepherds Bush, you are good to us!

Hope that your weeks are full of friends around a good fire!

-Tracks of Foxes


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