Friday Finds…

Thank God it’s friday and naturally we have a few things for you to read, look at or try out this weekend.

Courtesy of ‘Oh Comely’  Twitter I stumbled, in my lunch, break upon this fun blog, Eggton, a way to pass the time, have a chuckle and get some recipes.

Courtesy of pinterest I found 31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY projects that I plan on trying my hand at.

A little while ago my love of fun pictures of dogs meant that I started following Theron Humphreys on Instagram. He has a project called This Wild Idea’  where he has been travelling around America documenting the lives and stories of different people he comes in contact with. He has also taken loads of pictures of his trusty, canine companion Maddie in lots of interesting places. Maddie on things’, is definitely worth a flick through and will brighten the greyest of days.

Happy weekend!

Stay warm, dry & happy!

– Tracks of Foxes.





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2 responses to “Friday Finds…

  1. Hey there! It’s Katherine, from eggton. I am so glad that you stumbled over and I really appreciate the kind words. They made my day!

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