Friday Pumpkin Finds …

As the weather has taken an icy turn and autumn and pumpkins are upon us it has made me excited for Autumn magic.  Cosy scarves, hats, coats, orange leaves, a cup of coffee, a good book and a camera.

It really does feel magic.

Some carving is in order so here are a few pumpkins to inspire you!

Simple but lovely polka pumpkins! So easy!

My little contribution is a tribute to my canadian heritage … and passport. Pretty easy as well!

And some more complicated ones for you ambitious and adventurous pumpkin carvers.

Doile pumpkins.

Pugs not drugs.

Camper Pumpkin.

And my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! My main man … TOM SELLECK! Made by a genius young lady, called Jess Martin, in Vancouver!

 I want one… A Tom Selleck that is, and a Selleck pumpkin.

 When you are finished carving, keep the seeds, soak them in salty water and then roast them in the oven with salt, garlic and chili! Hot diggidy!

Happy Pumpkin Filled Autumn Days!!!

Tracks of Foxes 


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