Make Do Mend: Candied Yams

Candied yams are one of my favourite parts of Thanksgiving and Christmas! Some people put sugar and marshmallows (!?) in/on their candied yams but I am particularly fond of apricot jam on my sweet potatoes! (sounds a bit personal to be talking about my sweet potatoes?)

Slice your sweet potatoes to whatever thickness you like… the thinner it is the chewier they go as the jam caramelises.

I try and only do one and a half layers in a baking tray otherwise the bottom ones don’t caramalise in the same way… But if you prefer them soft and not chewy you can stack them up and do as many as you can fit in!

Place them in the baking tray and toss them in apricot jam. If you are not a fan of apricots do not fear, I HATE apricot jam but LOVE this. Give it a go and see if you like it anyway?

Leave it in the oven between 45 minutes or an hour.. just keep checking depending on your oven. They can go in whatever temperature you have your meat on.

You then will get some beautiful crisp, chewy, sweet and tasty candied yams! Hot dang! There’s something to be thankful for right there!!

Give it a try to see if you like it… alternatively you can put on maple syrup or brown sugar. They are both nice but not as nice as apricot jam!

Now that you know how to do pumpkin pie, hot cider and candied yams you can do your own thanksgiving? Or jump on the American’s Thanksgiving in November… Go on! Be thankful!

Happy Friday!

– Celeste xx



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