Happy Canadian Thanksgiving… in pictures!!

Hanna, Sarah and I have a little tradition where we celebrate with friends Canadian Thanksgiving being that I, Celeste, am a little bit Canadian! Well… a lot a bit. Kind of. I guess it’s fair to say that an Australian Canadian living with permanent residency in the U.K. and family in Tanzania and New Zealand I am a bit confused, a linguistic surprise.

But the lovely thing about my confused heritage is that I get to take all the beaut bits about each and fit them in my life… one of the best is Canadian Thanksgiving! Hot Dang!

So this year, as always, I did the turkey and yams, Sarah and her Simon did roast veg and hot cider (!!) and Hanna and her  Jon brought the best pumpkin pie in all the land!

It is a most lovely opportunity to, despite all the annoying bits and bobs, take stock and be thankful for friends, family, fun, food, God, music, beauty and of course cigars and tequila! What are you thankful for?

This week will be full of Thanksgiving-y make do mends!

Here are some pictures of our scrumptious thanksgiving feast to whet your appetite.

Sarah and Mr F’s famous hot cider… it goes down a treat!!!

The Feast!

The Crown… I can’t fit a massive turkey in but this beautiful organic crown from Brimarks butcher at Battlers Green Farm does more than the trick!

Some thankful ambience!

Roast Veg and beetroot! So good!

Candied yams and asparagus.. The trimmings!

And here it is.. the best pumpkin pie in all of the land! So good that this was all I could get a picture of … too busy smashing it in my face!

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving!

– Hanna, Sarah and Celeste


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