Weekend in pictures…

Our weekend in pictures…

Happy morning. Coffee, Elle Decoration and peanut butter and banana toast. . . (smile!)

Introducing some Indian visitors to Thorpe Park and their first trip on a rollercoaster! They were hardcore and front row on Collosus!

Jeswin couldn’t understand why we were freaking out on the ‘Saw‘ ride when it was dark, he yelled ‘WHY ARE YOU SCARED!?!’. Favourite memory of Thorpe Park, that and the pick n mix.

Hanna got down to some uni business!

A friend called Teddy Fox (what a name!!!) who is about 18 months old let me visit his cowboy tipi. I wish my life was spent around a fire with some cowboys playing music.

Hanna and Jon’s new backyard is a little blackberry heaven. Celeste is hoping to get some jam as a result! (hint!)

There are some days when a man lies down outside with his guitar.

This time that man was Daniel and the good ones.’ 

Some time was also spent taking pictures of feet. Standard. 

One of the best things that happened, apart from ‘WHY ARE YOU SCARED!?‘, was a conversation that included the phrase ‘the generally accepted silliness of love and relationships.’ It started the cogs wirring so keep an eye out on a Penny for your thoughts on this one day!

Have a lovely week! Autumn is coming!!!

Hanna, Celeste and Sarah



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