Dress up: Autumn boots…

For the last few mornings there has been a distinct crisp Autumn breeze in the air. There’s something bittersweet about the fresh mornings and changing season. I find that kissing goodbye to long summer days and welcoming Autumn in is so much easier when your feet are nice and warm… In honour of that I’ve rounded up some of my favourite wellington boots to brighten up those rainy Autumn days.

Hunter boots. One day I will dig deep and get myself a pair of these old time classics. You just can’t beat a classic.

Tretorn. This tennis brand does great shoes. I’ve had a pair of their trainers for years and like the look of their simple wellies too.

Hai (shark in Finnish) rubber boots were around decades ago in Finland and in the recent years they were brought back with great success. I love my pair that I’ve had for 7 years now (and they’re still going strong!)

Here’s for keeping our feet dry this Autumn!




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