Make Do Mend: Welcome Mat. ‘Moi moi!’

So as you know our lovely Hanna moved far from us, well a few hours down the road. (One forty-five if you smash it down the motorway, which of course I never do! ) I had in my mind that I wanted to get her a sweet welcome mat for a house-warming present. I searched the interweb for some cute ones but couldn’t find one that was just right so I figured how hard can it be to make and design a little welcome mat yourself? Turns out, not very!

Materials you need:

1. Ideas for designs

2. Plain Coir Mat. (Wilkinsons do them for a mere £3.80!!)

3. Outdoor paint. I got these from Hobbycraft.

4. Paint brush. I got a fairly wide flat brush.


1. Choose a design. I got some chalk for the purpose of outlining, sadly that didn’t work so I had to free hand it. So because you have to freehand it is probably best to keep your design fairly simple.

I chose Moi’ which is ‘Hi‘ in Finnish. Not high in Finnish…like high in fibre! (ok, not funny, bad joke)

This is because our lovely Hanna is in fact Finnish and her husband is English, hence the regular english ‘Hi’.

2. Leave it to dry.

3. Welcome people into your home.

4. Wipe your feet on it.

This is so fun, I think I will start making a lot of these little guys. Maybe one for every room??

A cheap, unique and personal house-warming gift!

Happy ‘Welcome Mat’ ing! And if you do one send us a little picture of your designs and how they worked out, we would love that!!

Bye … and bye in finnish. Whatever that is! (I should look it up but I can’t be bothered… Sorry!)

xx Celeste



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