Friday Finds…

Yesterday a friend sent a beaut little link to a foxy feature on Creature Comforts.

A thing for foxes.  Nice to see we’re not the only ones!

All a bit obssessed at the moment with the idea of sailing away! A little while ago there was an awful lot of chat about a man from Dublin with a dreamy voice and a banjo, James Vincent Mc Morrow. It seemed that he was the ‘bees knees‘ in a few circles so, in principle, I didn’t listen to him. But now, as ever, I have relented and can’t stop listening, all be it a little late to the game. ‘If I had a boat’  in particular I haven’t stopped listening to and love this video that someone put to it. The images are from the 1999 animated version of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” by Aleksandr Petrov.

On a little side note, this video has made me want to read some Hemingway. I never gave him a go ever since Kat Stratford said ‘ Hemingway was an abusive white-male alcoholic who hung around with Picasso hoping to nail his leftovers.’ in Ten things I hate about you. Probably shouldn’t base my opinions on teen romance films.

And still in the theme of sailing away, this old song, ‘We Are Free’ by Jay Jay Pistolet, has found itself back in my playlist after a million years.

‘I would like to sail away with you to the place where the sky and the ocean are the same shade of blue.’

So we hope that this weekend you get to enjoy the sun responsibly (suncream!), listen to some music, buy yourself a little treat, create something you’re proud of, rest up and dream big!

– Celeste, Sarah and Hanna



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