A weekend in pictures…

So this last weekend saw some gallivanting to visit Hanna and her hub in their new life in Bristol.

It’s not a weekend at Hanna and Jon’s without something yummy for breakfast! Breakfast burritos, homemade tortillas!

Bristol is full of brilliant street art… Here’s something that is not Banksy!

Then we had a little scamper off to Wales stopping in Hay- on- Wye, the town of books!

The perfect song to listen to was ‘Hej, me I’m light’ by Phosphorescent because it sounds almost exactly like he’s singing ‘Hay-on-wye’ so we had to listen to it as we crossed the town border. Unfortunately we then couldn’t get it out of our heads.

With a ban on kindles this place has enough second hand bookshops to keep you reading for eternity!

Books, books, books…

So many old penguins! Swoooon!

Have a beautiful week!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste 




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