Weekend in Pictures… and it’s still going!

The last bank holiday weekend before Christmas… Sad times!

While we’ve nothing as exciting as a lion on the loose (Aslan? Simba?) this weekend has been full of lovely things!

Celeste met up with her cousin, Tom, she hadn’t seen in 12 years at the Defector’s Weld in Shepherds Bush. A beaut time at this beaut little place filled with old furniture and cute little upstairs bar! Nothing like a good time with the fam. 

Hanna and her husband returned from camping. With After holiday sorting, washing and trying  to do.

Hot bath after camping one of Hanna’s favourite things. 

Getting the last out of summer’s fruits in a mug with custard. Mmm… Delish!

Reading list

Surprise package of Cinnamon Altoids. FAVOURITES. We’re fortunate to know very kind people Oh wait.. mints again? Err …Hint???!

Celeste, sporting another little surprise pressie, delicate geometric necklace from Topshop, puts legs up to relax and ease a bit of back pain. Always awkward when someone walks in.

 Back to life tomorrow!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this bank holiday weekend!

– The Three of us.



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