Our weekend in pictures…

This weekend … 

Was spent in the sun making new freckles 

Drinking cold beer

Hanging with the beautiful Sophie (who we featured in ‘Come Home to Me’) eating crisps, drinking bourbon, watching Bourne Legacy. Her vintage orange lamp created our orange look.

Celeste works with youth and they broke into her car, cleaned out her rubbish and decorated her steering wheel. They’re so badass!

After a hectic week working Hanna had lovely friends waiting for her who brought cake 🙂

Hanna definitely deserved one of these after her hectic week working!

Celeste recovered from a week looking after 40 by drinking some San Pellegrino (ooo.. fancy!) and watching her child hood crush Mark-Paul Gosselar, Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell… He is in a new show that we aren’t sure of but one thing  to be sure of is that he is still a total babe!!

Happy sunny week ahead if you’re near London !

Wear your suncream and deoderant it’s looking to be a hot and sweaty one!

– Hanna, Celeste and Sarah xxx


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