Make, Do, Mend: Simple chair revamp

We’ve had these dining room chairs around our table for nearly 5 years now. We bought them from a charity called Emmaus that sells second hand furniture in the early days of being married. They’re not lookers by no means but for £20 for 6 chairs we couldn’t grumble. So it has been on my agenda to get rid of the U.G.L.Y material they’ve been covered with and upholster them for years now… yes, 5 years later I finally managed it. Procrastinator maybe?

This is such a simple project and all it requires is good material (our ship one is from Ikea for £7/m, a staple gun (we got ours from Amazon but B&Q do cheap ones too) and something to help you take off the old staples. Oh and scissors too.

So start by taking the seat off the chair frame and take off the backing material (I saved mine to be put back on after the new material was fixed on). I found a screw driver and pliers to be the handiest for removing the staples.

I was feeling lazy so didn’t take the original material off but just laid the seat on the new material (this wasn’t too clever though as it made it almost too bulky to fit back in the frame so for the rest of them I took it off… dang, cutting corners failed!)

Now cut the new material leaving enough allowance around the edges (about 5 cm). You can also use the old piece of material as a template.

Then get stapling! Make sure your material is fastened tightly around the seat and that the corners aren’t too bulky. As you can see this isn’t the neatest stapling job you’ve ever seen but it doesn’t matter as it gets covered by the backing material.

Then put the backing material back on, pop the seat back on the frame and voila you have a new-old chair!

Hope this has inspired you to give your old pieces of furniture a new lease of life – and save a few pounds on the way!

– Hanna


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