Friday Finds: All things Foxy

This friday in missing our fellow fox Hanna from our ‘hood, we are dedicating our Friday Finds to all things Foxy.

Fantastic Mr Fox was the very first book I read through all by myself when I was little, and much as Quentin Blakes illustrations induce delicious nostalgia, I have recently found some of these beautiful illustrations from Donald Chaffin from pre Blake… so lovely

Donna Wilson makes much that is fun, kooky and lovely, you should check out all of her stuff but what do think of this fella to eat your dinner off… cute, eh?

If I owned and didn’t rent my front door, I would want this bushey tailed guy to welcome you.

In case you missed it, here is my all time favorite poem, my one of my favorite poets, that inspired our little blog name…

Happy Weekending

Celeste, Sarah & Hanna

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