Make Do Mend: Chicken Pot Pie with Cream Cheese and Chive Dumplings

I have this little/large obsesh (Yeah, that just happened, abreeving obsession.. I just judged myself) with Joy the Baker’s blog. She’s good for your tummy and your funny bone.

The dish I love to make of hers the most is Chicken Pot Pie with Cream Cheese and Chive Dumplings. Joy refers to this dish as ‘Dream Boy’ and there is a very good reason for it, if this dish was a man I would kiss it square on the mouth every day … and maybe let it get to second base. Maybe.

It has a gorge, creamy cheese and chicken sauce, add any and all of your favourite veggies and it’s topped off with fluffy beautiful cream cheese and chive dumplings. Hot dang and I mean HOT DANG!! 

I also love a recipe that includes half of it already being cooked for you. Shortcuts are the way forward, true story! This recipe calls for torn BBQ’d chicken, ‘Hello dear Tesco, thank you for doing half my job for me!’. I mean, I guess you could roast a chicken yourself, but seriously, some kind person at Tesco has gone to an awful lot of trouble to make one ready for you to buy for only £3. Why not?!

There should be a disclaimer though, this dish is not to be thrown around willy nilly, this is the kind of dish that makes people fall in love with you or offer you their first-born … Sorry that got a little weird. Whatever you do though make it, eat it, love it, share it and drink some beer with it.

Tuck in and happy days! 

Celeste xx



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