Penny for your thoughts: City or Country?

A week ago my husband and I packed our bags (or boxes) and moved to a little village in the west country. After 8 years in the greater London area I was curious and a little anxious about how we’d settle in for the country life. As a teenager I swore I’d always live in a city, close to the conveniences, in the heartbeat of everything. Maybe it’s getting older, maybe just change of mind, but as it stands I’m ready to take on the country life. I like seeing horses from our window, looking out to the fields, saying hello to random by passers…

If only we could have moved all our friends with us! But we’re looking forward to providing a countryside getaway for our city dwelling pals and spending quality time in the process.

My answer may be different in 6 months time, but if I was asked today, I would say I’m a country lass. Though there are things that  freak me out about living in the country, like this over friendly pigeon that decided to go to sleep on our windowsill and wasn’t bothered even when we were walking passed it (surely that’s a bit weird?). It all takes a bit getting used to.

But as for me, I’m happy to see the city lights in the distance behind the fields. Which one is it for you, city or country?




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4 responses to “Penny for your thoughts: City or Country?

  1. Billiejean

    I like the country if I don’t have to do the chores of the country. I don’t like horses so if they’re someone else’s that’s great…
    But I’m all for rolling hills and wild flowers and space!
    Maybe you’ll be able to the stars now! 😉

  2. I’m about to go a bit country, still close to the city but in a village and I’ll be working there so going into town will be a trip rather than just where I always am – weird!! I’m a real urbanite but love a bit of the good life and growing veggies in my garden so I’m hoping I’ll take to it like a duck to water! Looking forward to more country tales! Enjoy! xx

  3. City! Im a true city girl- born and raised in the heart of Toronto. I love the city, the huge condo buildings, the sirens, the people, the subways- everything here. 🙂

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