Dress Up: eBay all the way

The other day my friend Simon, Sarah’s Simon, had a very cool vintage western embroidered shirt. I decided that one needed to be in my life and it turns out it was found on eBay. So, after searching ‘vintage embroidered western shirt’, I accidentally won this little denim number. By accidentally I mean frivolously bidding convinced that I will be beaten. Oops. But then £4 isn’t all that much to feel guilty about. So today’s dress up suggestion, get yourselves involved in some eBay bidding, you won’t regret it. Wait, that’s a lie, it is entirely possible that you will regret it. Happy bidding!

Side note: When you are the highest bidder it says that you ‘won’ which makes it feel like it is free. I trick myself. It’s always a good feeling to win something!

p.s. Check out the cute embroidery on the collar. Swoon! 

– Celeste xx


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