Days like these: When stubbing your toe is the last straw

The three of us at tracks of foxes aim to share with you some crafty projects we’ve been putting our hands to, some adventures we’ve been spending our time on, we also thought we’d share with you some of the stuff that fills our stereos, book shelves, screens and tummy’s on emotional days, hope you might identify with some days like these.

You know those days when you have an awful lot of ‘heavy’ things going on, the days when you should be more emotional about things but seem to be coping very well? In those days I have a slight smugness at my own emotional resilience and think I can take on anything …. and THEN … something little, like stubbing my toe, happens and I completely lose it. Every emotion that I had pushed down comes out in what seems like an incredible overreaction to a mere toe stubbing.

So for days when stubbing your toe is the last straw ….

For your eyes:  There are two ways to play days like these, you can watch something emotional, go with it and cry til your eyelids are puffy and you have no moisture left in your body or distract. I usually go with the latter.

But.. if you want a really good, solid sob watch ‘Dear Frankie’. A beautiful Scottish film about a little boy corresponding with his Dad. I pretty much am no good to anyone for a few hours after watching this heart-wrencher.

If you’re looking to distract yourself I usually go with action/thrillers …

‘The Walking Dead’ is a brilliant post apocalyptic zombie show. So much suspense, gore and zombie chasing… definitely will distract you and maybe surprise you that you’re a ‘zombie person’. Turns out I get really into Zombie things… Who knew? The acting, effects, screen writing all surprisingly good.  I do, however, manage to call it Walking the Dead accidentally which conjures up some bizarre images, never the less, get involved with these zombies!

For your mouth:

I just bought the ‘Joy the Baker’ cookbook and there are so many fun ways to become a fatty, or just to enjoy baking and eating! You can get it from Amazon here and check out her blog here. She is funny and fabulous.

For your ears:

M. Ward- ‘Chinese Translation’

This is a cute little video and M. Ward’s voice is all a bit intoxicating! The ‘M’ doesn’t stand for ‘Maternity’ apparently. Damn.

Dry the River – ‘New Ceremony’

I just love these guys and can’t wait to see them in November. They are fun to yell along with and make sure to listen out for a good ‘Hey!’ in this song. I do love a ‘Hey!’, it always makes me feel better!

For your heart: 

Make your place that you live in look lovely, I put some little flowers out in my house in old jars and milk bottles. (picture up above.)

Spend time with some people who are good for the soul. You know the ones I mean… Good ones!

Good ones are my favourite.

So hopefully there are a few things you can do on a day when stubbing your toe is the last straw!

They helped me anyway. Happy toe stubbing!

xx Celeste


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