This Weekend: In search of summer


a rainy July

“My work is loving the world.
Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird—
equal seekers of sweetness.”

Mary Oliver

This weekend, we are fighting the battle to bemoan the lack of July sunshine and the forecast for a month of rainfall in a day, and are trying to find the the brightness of summer amid it, here are a few finds that are making us smile in yellow this friday:

Watch “An Ode to Summer”

Every few month the beautiful Kinfolk magazine releases the most wonder-ful of publications and with it some beautiful films – here is the latest one, “An Ode to Summer” – we’d like to live in this please

Pick up a copy of kinfolk:

Visit here for more kinfolk loveliness, you can buy a paper copy through Pedlars:

Listen to something soulful:

Our repeat we have the most delightful of contributions from the north and south of Ireland, and heartily recommend, a little listen to:

Glen Hansard’s latest album “Rhythm & Repose” – here is the video for “Love don’t leave me waiting”

Duke Special’s “Oh Pioneer” here is a taster:

Dance in the rain in the bright yellow raincoat.

Like this

We will be celebrating birthdays, visiting friends, watching plays in parks and drinking whiskey by firepits… come rain or shine! Hope you can find some summer joy in your weekend,

Us three


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