Penny for your thoughts: 29 things for 29

EEK, in just one short week I will hit my 28th birthday!! (insert expletive here)

I am not one of those people that revels in the attention and wishes their birthday lasted a week,  I actually hate the pressure of it, the forced attention.. it always feels a bit weird. For someone that you would think loves being the center of attention, my birthday always gives me a little panic.

Last year I went to one of my favourite places to eat, Wahaca, for some Mexican street food and delicious tequila with some of my absolute favourite people. It was one of the loveliest birthday’s I’d ever had!  I decided I would make a list of things to do before my next birthday, so on the back of a Wahaca menu I made a list of 28 things for 28. On reading over said list I have just realised how few of them I have actually done.. dang it!

It seems in the next few days I have got to learn the harmonica, skinny dip, read Dostoyevsky, travel to NY, travel to Nashville, meet Dolly Parton and master swahili. I think I may transfer some over… or maybe be a little more realistic with my 29 things for 29.

This year hasn’t been a total loss though, I managed to tick a few things off the list. I learnt 3 more chords on the guitar, wrote some songs, went to gigs, did some gigs, prayed for strangers, learnt 3 new dishes, did pilates, was creative.. (Oh hello, Tracks of Foxes), increased facetime with some of my favourites, didn’t get another tattoo (Much to the joy/relief of my parents!), recorded some music, wore false eyelashes once a month and had a ‘Back to the Future’ marathon (that one is a particular favourite and should maybe be a regular feature?)

Thinking about my list and reaching 28 (gulp!) it has got me thinking about the things I want to do .. Being brave… being disciplined .. and living life, no regrets! – ‘No regrets’ makes me sound like Tim Riggins. If you don’t know who Tim Riggins is, you need to… He will change your life!

It has also reminded me to be grateful for the things I have. I am so thankful for the kindness of my friends, the love of my family, the roof over my head, my church, my job, pretty dresses and, of course, kiev.

The older I get, though, the more things I am going to need to do/conquer/master…  I’m pretty sure that brushing up on my grammar should be on the list, but I still have 28 more things to come up with and  I am open to ideas!!

Any suggestions for 29 things for 29?

– Celeste x



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7 responses to “Penny for your thoughts: 29 things for 29

  1. Thank you very much!!! 🙂 pickles!!! Yes! That sounds fab! X

  2. Rachel

    Hi Celeste, you may recognise me from previous names such as Evans 🙂 I did the same for my 30th and ‘Back to the Future’ marathon features on my list too! Let’s be best friends 😉 also on my list, which I thought you may like, is ‘perfect 2 impressive pudding’ xx

    • Rachel!!! Hi! It’s been waaay too long! We should have a Back to Future marathon together?? Or Indiana Jones? Perfect 2 impressive puddings sounds like a plan and a half! Yess.. Hope married life is glorious! xxx

      • Rachel

        yes Indiana Jones! We watched the Temple of Doom whilst eating cheese on toast the other day. These are the things that make married life great! I’d love a classic film marathon with you! come to Sussex next time I’m there! xx

  3. … greetings from across the pond, Celeste, Schronienie and Rachel.
    … as I find myself a cat’s whisker away from sixty … I have but one thing on my list … Maya Angelou said it best: “I am working towards a time when everything gives me joy.”

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