Days like these: When summer feels like Autumn

So far this summer has not graced us with much sunshine. It has been windy and rainy with only the odd bit of sunshine here and there. While we wait for those warmer days (come on July and August!) we need to make the most of the summer light!


I got myself a water proof jacket (a sign of getting old?) and it’s amazing how much I don’t mind the rain when I’m not soaked! Top tip: Check out TK Maxx if you want quality but are not ready to pay too much!

Good wellies are essential too (Dreaming of these..)


Go out anyway! Never mind the rain… at least the beaches and woods are quieter when it’s chucking it down… Day trips here we come!

Camping in the rain might not be ideal but the sound of rain on your tent is quite magical (as long as the rain stays outside and does not flood your tent!)

Bake chocolate biscotti‘s (I made mine from a recipe in this blog), they are great when dunk in your warm cuppa!

Get yourself some Crabbies Ginger beer and taste the summer (even if you can’t feel it)!


Olafur Arnalds is a good one to listen to when watching the rain coming down…

Hoping there are some sunnier days ahead but until then… don’t let the rain hold you back!



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