Giveaway winners!


Thank you for commenting!

The randomly chosen winners of this little giveaway are:

Sarah who said: Ten grand giveaway?! Yes please! Oh okay, now I’ve read it properly. Fave project was definitely the Sticky back plastic fabric printing…but loved it all really!

Ellie: my fave Make, Do, Mend was: Gord’s Dry Rub (+ my husband thought it was drop-dead-delicious :) you all so clever, i do love you bloggy-wog x


Billie: My fave was the recent Make, Do, Mend post titled: Party Like it’s Diamond Jubilee. Loved all the jar DIY, especially the lanterns and the paper doily and twine vase creations.
I hope I win- do you ship to Canada? (If you do, throw some sweets in the package!)

Congrats! You definitely had a good chance of winning with only few comments! 🙂 If you could email us your addresses at we’ll send you one of our giveaways!

-Celeste, Sarah and Hanna 


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  1. Ellie


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