Come Home to Me: Hibbert House

Us foxes have the good fortune of knowing some incredibly stylish, lovely and clever people. Though most of us don’t  own our own place we like to make the best of what we’ve got! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to turn your humble abode into a cosy sanctuary that feels just like you!

Here are a few glimpses of some wall art, table decorations and a boys bathroom all in the little place I call home.

I live with two boys, two boys that beat me in tidyness but not in prettiness, thankfully!

Above a beautiful old, slightly out of tune piano, is one of my favourite pictures. It is an original photograph by my fellow ‘fox’, Hanna, that one of my lovely housemates bought for me for my birthday last year.. SPOILT!

Frankie Magazine do the most gorgeous calendars with breathtaking artists. I bought one a few years ago and have framed the ‘months’ and placed them all around the house. Cheap and maybe a little cheeky? Here are some of my favourites..

‘Wolfman’ I put on some old music paper I found in a charity shop. ‘Wolfman’ seems to not be everyone’s favourite. Most people comment on the weirdness of it… poor ‘Wolfman’! 😦

I put some beautiful (tescos) roses in a milk bottle on an old trunk we have as a coffee table in the living room. Thank you Leo Robarts, whoever you are, for leaving your trunk at Jo’s boarding school.. it has made our home very happy!

Again, a little treat from Frankie is on my wall. When you buy their gorgeous magazine .. which I have a massive crush on.. You always get a cute little poster with it. In the middle is one of my favourite Frankie pictures and either side are some bits of vintage wallpaper I got from ebay!

As I said, I live with boys and they have a ‘boys bathroom’. I wanted it to look a little nice and boyish so I found this little vintage English hunting picture at a charity shop that I put on the wall in there… They didn’t notice.

Their shower curtain was disgusting so for christmas I got them this little beauty. I now wish I kept it for myself.

I love it! I’ve started using their bath now… mostly cause of the shower curtain.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these small glimpses into Hibbert House aka Colman Manor aka Home.

Happy sunny Tuesday! (If you’re in London!)

Now, I am off to see Ingrid Michaelson play her little uke and sing sweet tunes!

– Celeste x


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