Make, Do, Mend: Herman ze German…

I have a habit of talking in a German, Scandinavian, Arnold Schwarzenegger – esque accent.

It pretty much doesn’t matter what accent I start in, it inevitably ends up Arnie. Why? I have no idea.. it’s not my most attractive quality but am I going to stop? No. Even if I am trying to talk in a posh English accent as soon as I say ‘Yar..’ it always becomes ‘Yar.. Das is goot!’

So when I was approached by a lady at church asking if I would like a ‘Herman ze German’  I jumped at the chance without any idea what it was just so I would get to say ‘Herman ze German’.

Herman ze German is a traditional German friendship cake. It is a sour dough cake that sits on your counter for 10 days. You mustn’t put it in the fridge or fully cover it … if Herman stops bubbling, he is dead!!!

You then have to follow instructions, stirring, adding ingredients, more stirring, more ingredients..  on day 9 you divide the batter, which has now grown significantly, into four, give it to three of your friends and bake your portion of it.

The process is then repeated and this batter is passed on and on and on and on.

It’s very sweet, in the cuddly and the sugary sense!

A few things to note:

1. It smells pretty sick after a few days.. but tastes amazing!

2. The recipe calls for a bunch of fruit in it… Personally I think you need to get that fruit rubbish away from my desserts. I am not a fan. So, instead I just put loads of cinnamon, you could also add chocolate, maltesers.. the cake pan is your oyster!!!

It is a lovely little idea and, if you can keep ‘Herman’ alive, a tasty one too!

Here is a website where you can start your own Herman Ze German to pass on to your friends.

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– Celeste xx


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