Cheers for 10 grand Giveaway!

This week has seen us reach a brilliant 10 000 views! We are so honoured (and amazed) that you keep reading our scribbles and thoughts. Thank you!

So we thought that in honour of this ten grand we’d do a little giveaway in true blog style. So please leave a comment saying what has been your favourite Make, Do & Mend so far. You have until Friday 22nd June to do so and then we’ll randomly pick 3 winners. Each winner will get either a Wendell Berry book, a set of 2 coasters or a handprinted shopping bag.

Good luck and have a lovely weekend!

-Celeste, Sarah & Hanna



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5 responses to “Cheers for 10 grand Giveaway!

  1. Billiejean

    My fave was the recent Make, Do, Mend post titled: Party Like it’s Diamond Jubilee. Loved all the jar DIY, especially the lanterns and the paper doily and twine vase creations. 🙂
    I hope I win- do you ship to Canada? (If you do, throw some sweets in the package!) 😉

  2. Sarah

    Ten grand giveaway?! Yes please! Oh okay, now I’ve read it properly. Fave project was definitely the Sticky back plastic fabric printing…but loved it all really!

  3. Dot

    I came across this blog a few moths ago and absolutely love it! Well done ladies for bringing more pretty things and thoughts to life! My favourite (this was hard to choose) was the Make, Do, Mend: Pretty as a picture. x

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  5. Ellie

    my fave Make, Do, Mend was: Gord’s Dry Rub (+ my husband thought it was drop-dead-delicious 🙂 you all so clever, i do love you bloggy-wog x

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