This weekend: Friday finds…

After a beautifully short week  Sarah and Simon are off to somewhere near Sheffield to listen to lovely music at ‘No Direction Home’ Festival, Hanna and Jon are off to scout out Bristol for lovely things and Celeste is off for a little potter to Barton On Sea. 

Here are a few little finds for you …

A man called Jon White that we know is a beautiful illustrator, check out his tumblr, you may even see a few little foxes.

Tuesday after our Jubilee dinner party was spent feeling a little sorry for ourselves but made all the better by watching ‘Lars and the Real Girl’. If you haven’t seen this gorgeous film get it here.

Ryan Gosling with a tash, knitwear and blow up girlfriend, surprisingly heart warming!

If you have never tried that drink called a ‘Dark and Stormy’ then you must!! A little bit of rum and ginger beer OR ginger ale!

Happy weekend, hope yours is gorgeous!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste


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