Come Home to Me: Sophie’s

Us foxes have the good fortune of knowing some incredibly stylish, lovely and clever people. Though most of us don’t  own our own place we like to make the best of what we’ve got! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to turn your humble abode into a cosy sanctuary that feels just like you!

I have an exceedingly beautiful friend called Sophie, her flat is one of my favourites in the world because it just super glam, homely and vintage. She is a bit of a goddess! Here are some corners of her lounge room.

I am green with envy!

Beautiful collection of different frames.

You can see her gorgeous vintage wallpaper in the reflection of her laptop!

Routers are ugly  but stick them on a tray with candles, a lamp and an old phone and they’re not so bad!

Sophie loves her Wandering Dew/Jew she made a shelf especially for it.

Her uekelele (uh spelling?!) has it’s very own snazzy chair!

I’ve got quite the crush on her collection of antique mirrors.

Vintage music box, greenery and cd boxes.

Another gorgeous antique mirror.

I love this vintage, geometric wallpaper.

I have found similar ones on ebay when I searched ‘vintage wallpaper.’

We had a night of doing our nails, hence the nailpolish.

Hope you feel inspired and not just envious!

Have a play with your space and send us pictures?

– Celeste


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