Days like these: When the sun’s shining down on you…

The sun has finally appeared for us in the UK. Shorts and flip flops are out – hopefully for a long, long time! Here’s a few suggestions on how to spend these lovely sunny days…


Lie in the hammock

Grow strawberries (they are literally impossible to kill off…)

Go to the woods, pick some pretty leaves and put them in vases at home.

Find a beach, any beach.

Get a group together and play cricket or rounders in the park.


BBC Radio 6 – always the best and randomest summer tunes (+amazing festival coverage when it all kicks off!)

Donovan Frankenreiter = summmmeeer!

The Thrills – mind as well embrace your inner rock chick!


It’s sunny – no point wasting it by watching telly. Instead people watch in your local pub’s beer garden, nice coffee shop or the park.

Watch… The blue sky! It doesn’t happen often in this country.


Champagne (just because…)

BBQ anything. It’s always a winner. Unless it’s pink.

Pimms. One of the best summer drinks ever. Cucumber optional.

Suntan lotion. Those pasty legs have not seen the sun in many months.

Whatever you get up to enjoy the rays while they last!

– Hanna


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