Penny for your thoughts: Where I stood…

So Blanche, my little green Peugot 106, has died. She has been very good to me. Blanche and I shared many an emotion, story, journey, moment and song together.  She has carried almost all of the people I love.  It’s a sad day when you need to say goodbye to your car!

Dear Blanche,

Thanks for the laughs.


Your replacement ‘Sylvie’ is on her way.

As a result of Blanche’s departure I have had a lot of time waiting for lifts, thinking about life and errr… taking pictures of my feet. I’ve only just realised, don’t judge me, that our feet are our very own built in cars. Kind of. Our feet take us places, share memories, moments, emotions … Ok, maybe I am reaching a bit here but you get the idea. Here are some pictures from ‘Where I stood‘.

Maybe it’s a bit weird orrrr … maybe it will catch on? Send us pictures of where you’ve stood?

– Celeste x


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