Field Trip: Cinnamon Square

Cinnamon Bun, good for the tum!

A beautiful friend of ours, Naomi, introduced me to this magical place of cinnamon that is tucked away in Rickmansworth. I am a sucker for cinnamon, on my toast, in my sugar, in my shower gel, in my altoids… I just love cinnamon! So there will be no surprise then that this place brings joy to my heart, my tummy and my face!

Cinnamon Square do a variety of goods but I must admit I have never got passed the classic Large Cinnamon Bun. Hanna and I had a little trip there a while ago.

Our order:

2 Large Cinnamon Buns

1 Americano

1 Cappucino

There are also some beaut little charity shops in round the corner from it. I think you will not regret it if you go!

Here is their website!

Happy Eating!!!



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One response to “Field Trip: Cinnamon Square

  1. Would totally be going to this place loads if I was there! Lovely photo of you, Hanna, love the bobbed hair x

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