Make, Do, Mend: Simple fabric printing

Ever since Sarah posted about printing her wedding invitations I’ve had printing on my mind. I remember how in primary school we used to do some simple fabric printing using sticky back plastic – so here’s me trying to recreate that!

You need:

Fabric paint

Material (tea towels, t-shirts, baby onesies etc)


Sticky back plastic

Brush (or a sponge if you prefer dabbing)

craft knife (optional)

Step 1.

Draw your design on paper. The simpler the design the easier your job will be (I recommend starting with a fairly simple one – you can always upgrade after your first trial!)

Step 2.

Cut out your designs and trace the outline of the figures on the back of the sticky back plastic. Make sure your piece of plastic is much bigger than what you need (just in case your brush slips).

Step 3.

Cut the figures out – leaving hole/s that make your design.

Step 4.

This is the tricky bit and brings back memories of covering school books. Peel the back of the plastic off and position it on your fabric. You might need an extra pair of hands to help you if the plastic is twirling or the material is not staying put. Make sure the plastic is securely stuck on the fabric.

Step 5.

Put a piece cardboard or paper under the material – this is especially important if you’re painting t-shirts or other clothing. Otherwise you will have the mirror image on the back… (you might have noticed from the picture that I forgot this at first:))

Start painting! Don’t worry about getting paint on the plastic as it won’t go through to your material.

Step 6.

When you’ve covered the whole design don’t peel the plastic of straight away but leave it to dry fully (otherwise the wet paint might smudge when you take the plastic off).

Step 7.

Once you’re satisfied that the paint has dried, peel the plastic off. Now just follow the instructions on the side of your paint bottle. Mine said to cover the printed area with a clean cloth and iron on a hot setting for a couple of minutes. Then wash and you have a hand printed piece ready to be used!

Happy making!



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