This Weekend: Some Late Friday’s Finds…

So this post is a little late but here are a few things that have been found even if we are late to the game!

The Hunger Games Trilogy. So I know that this has been round for ages now and I may be the last one to start reading it but just started the second one ‘Catching Fire’ in the bath. If you’ve not read them get involved, an easy, engrossing, and fun read!

Baby Bottom Butter from Waitrose. Apparently all the rich ladies are putting it on their skin and have been for some time now. I love it. Cheap and you smell like cake!

Snowmine. You can download their stuff on bandcamp and they’ve already been around for a bit. They are definitely a treat for your ears!

The shop called Tiger, oh my gosh, you can’t even imagine what is in this place. Literally it has everything your heart desired but didn’t know you did until you laid eyes on them! From moustache themed cleaning materials to cute spotted glassware. Again, I am late to the game on this one but if you are even later than me .. GET INVOLVED!

Anyway, happy weekend! We hope it’s glorious for all of us!

– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste



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2 responses to “This Weekend: Some Late Friday’s Finds…

  1. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ TIGER! 🙂
    have you seen these sweet tiny Japanese sake cups they have?

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