Field Trip: Matt Corby, Secret Garden Gig

Sarah, her Simon, and I got to be one of the few fortunate enough to get a ticket to Matt Corby’s first, potentially last, ‘Secret Garden Gig’. Matt Corby is a handsome Australian signed with Communion. I have a little crush … don’t judge me!

A ‘Secret Garden Gig’, someone offers their garden, you find out about the location a week before, bring blankets, picnic, drink, listen to lovely music outside, surrounded by bunting and fairy lights. A lovely concept in Australia but maybe not quite right for England, in April anyway.

The set up was sweet with lime water and cupcakes on the go, there was some lovely music before by a girl with gold jeans and then a man with gorgeous guitars played. He was from a band called Evan Jack, I plan on keeping an ear out for them.

Despite the cold, the wet, purple hands and heckling posh idiots, Matt Corby played brilliantly, was handsome, kind and disarming.

A girl with a lovely coat was taking pictures and you can see them here. She makes it all look so much warmer than it was! Also, if you look very carefully you will see that Caggie from ‘Made In Chelsea’ was there, I think cause she heard we were going to be there?

We drank rum and coke, ginger whiskey and tequila. We had lovely collection of picnic foods from good old M&S and then for dessert, some backwoods cigars.

All in all, a cold but lovely day.

– Celeste



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5 responses to “Field Trip: Matt Corby, Secret Garden Gig

  1. Cecee

    do tell more about the heckling posh idiots !

  2. Cecee, I must admit, I am negatively biased towards the posh and I am working on that.. BUT they didn’t help. There were two in particular that yelled a lot, sang and clapped along when it was meant to be quiet and had purple socks, as well as saying stupid things.. I know I am being judgy. And that’s not really ok… So forgive me! – Celeste

  3. Maja

    Hey there! 🙂 I know this post is already quite old, but could you tell me about those shows? How do get a ticket or an invitation?

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