Make, Do, Mend: Danish Men

‘Danish Men’, they are super easy to make and even easier to eat! 

I was introduced to these little beauties, basically pigs in a blanket, by my Danish friend Kiki! Because she is Danish and they look like little men wrapped in a duvet I named them ‘Danish Men’. Kiki came this weekend to visit, we used to live together, we drank beer and tea. We laughed and cried. We reminisced about old memories, old holidays, old boyfriends, old clothes, old obsessions, old jobs. Good times. We watched eleven episodes of New Girl as well.. . too much? Maybe.

Anyway, what more appropriate time to make ‘Danish Men’ than with a Danish woman?

I am yet to buy a rolling-pin, I know I should sort my life out, so I have found a glass milk bottle (or beer bottle) makes an excellent substitute.

I’ve a new obsession with Frankfurters, frying them up and putting them with pasta and Bolognese sauce. Mmm.. so good AND cheap.  Loving them so much I am eating them at the beginning of the month and not just at the end when I am poor and they are all I can afford!

Wrap up these little tikes in the dough to make sure they are warm and toasty. I am not sure if likening them to men is going too far now?

Serve with Diet Coke, ketchup or mustard or Jack Daniels BBQ sauce or anything your heart desires!!!


Here is the little recipe!

    • 25g fresh yeast ( for dry yeast divide by 3!)
      100g lukewarm water
      50g butter
      100g natural yoghurt
      1 egg
      2 pinches of salt
      450g flour

      1. mix yeast and lukewarm water

      2. melt butter and mix it with yoghurt. stir it in with the yeast and water.

      3. add salt, egg and flour and beat it together. Let it rest for 30 minutes

      4. split the dough in two and roll them out into a flat disc. Split every disc into 8 triangles.
      put half a hotdog on each triangle and roll it from the wide end to the tip.

      5. use some milk or egg to put in top of you Danish men before baking them on a buttered tray or on baking paper.

      6. bake them at 200 C for about 20 min.

      – Celeste



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