Make, Do, Mend: Handmade wedding invitations printed on the Gocco

May is here, the sun is out and nostalgia has made me a little euphoric.  May is a happy, soft focus month for me, it the month of my first dating, kissing and saying yes to the brilliant Simon.

4 May’s ago we had our brilliant and clumsy first date to see Feist, in the Albert Hall

3 May’s ago, Simon (with a little help from his co conspirator, Emily) surpirsed me a took me back to Hyde park, where he proposed with a hand made bass string ring.  ( which he later replaced by with a beautiful eco friendly, fair trade diamond ring from a little independent jeweller)

This little post is dedicated to gocco printing wedding invites, but first here is a picture of the handmade bass string engagement ring!


(as you can see the chipped nail varnish testifies to the fact I that I not expecting to having the obligatory engagement hand shots… a master of surprises)

Wedding Invites

We were beyond delighted when an exceptionally talented friend called Tim (you can find his fine art work here:, and his weddng photographs here: designed an invite for us:  Image

We loved it, but rather than print it we though we’d have a go at some screen printing and so we borrowed our friend’s gocco and gave it a go:

With a gocco you can hand illustrate or photocopy or print an image you like and then multiply for as long as your patience with lastImage

A gocco is a great little machine – you can find some on Etsy for not too dear and it is quite a fun way to screen print small things.  This is a little to a how do tutorial:

My attempts were a bit wonky, Simon had a better eye and more patience. After a few good days we were pretty pleased with how they turned out. Our only tip would be to be careful about your card choice as ours was a little absorbent and so the lines were not as sharp as the original (but gave it a home printed look)

Here is the finished article:


There is much fun to be had with the gocco for printing invites, birthday cards, tote bag, t shirts…




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