Make, Do, Mend: Flour Flower

I love flowers and plants. More often than not I option for cut flowers simply because I don’t have nice looking pots to put plants in (and it seems to be one of those things that I can never get around to buying). Recently I saw two sweet little plants in our local garden centre that were withered and nearly dead, that was my cue to cough out a pound and get them both.

At home I remembered this lovely lady’s idea (sorry it’s in Finnish – but the pictures of her colourful home are worth a visit!) of using an old flour bag as a cover for your pot. Random but works. So I turned around a bag of flour, put a plate/saucer (to catch excess water) on the bottom and popped the plant in. And voila – it’s ready!

Cheep and cheerful!




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2 responses to “Make, Do, Mend: Flour Flower

  1. That lady’s website is just the Ikea catalogue, right?

  2. So true – love all the light and colours!

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