Our Weekend in Pictures: Back to reality!

This weekend  has been lovely, and filled with time off, friends, rain, hail and shine.

As Easter holidays have come to an end, we are now getting back to life as we know it… No long weekends, no short weeks, that is at least until the beginning of next month! Bring on May Day!

So whether you got  yourself ready or did, what some of us are known for, and distracted yourself blissfully until Monday was upon you and you couldn’t ignore it anymore, we hope it was lovely!

Keep your eyes peeled for another ‘Field Trip’ coming your way as this weekend we had word that we’ve managed to score ourselves some tickets to a lovely Secret Garden show with Matt Corby performing. Fairy lights, blankets, pillows, picnic, stars, beautiful music and loads of girls giving the ‘eye’ to Matt Corby. What more could you want for a saturday night?

We managed to email our names quite soon after it was posted so if we didn’t get tickets we’d have been flabbergasted! (Pretty excited to have used flabbergasted... I am not sure anyone has said that since the 50s. Let’s bring it back?)

Here is a little video of one of Matt Corby’s secret garden shows with the beautiful Bree Tranter singing.

Hanna, Sarah and Celeste


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