Penny for your thoughts: Wanderlust and excitement for things to come.

This week has been a short week, thanks to Easter holidays,  and has left me hungry for time off and adventure.

I am thinking of taking off around the world… I won’t … but that’s what I have been thinking of.

I’ve been reminiscing on days passed when I have been in the sun, eaten delicious food and had adventure.

I’ve been writing summery sounding songs with talented friends.

I’ve been wondering about the things that are to come and thinking change is a foot. 

<Insert an appropriately bad dad joke here that has something to do with change not being an actual foot!  Don’t judge me>

I have been dreaming of the fun things that are planned for summer time, especially End of the Road festival.

Here is a  little video to wet your appetite…

We did a Field Trip post about this a while ago.

So my wanderlust has driven me to start drooling over the line up, looking at old pictures and planning what I will eat and wear, however premature.

I am very excited that Alabama Shakes (Sarah posted last week about them) are playing AND Yeti Lane both of which have been frequenting my various listening gadgets in the last few weeks.

Here is a little bit of Yeti Lane for you to hear.

Oh what fun is in store for us in the sunnier half of the year!? I can’t wait!

– Celeste


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