Dress Up: Tattoos

Tattoos, I have three, much to the dismay of my missionary parents who think I look like a sailor.You may have noticed that I have a weakness for nautical things so, to me, that’s a compliment.

People, and by people I mean my family, have asked whether I will want them when I am an old lady. I maintain that when I am an old lady I will be worried about things that are much more important than my tattoos.

Such as,

Where did I leave my teeth?

How my grandkids are.. and their kids!

Will I make it to the bathroom?

If I’m honest I really like the idea of being the crazy old granny with tats that pokes people with her umbrella and swears. Plus, I reckon I’ll have enough excess skin to cover up my tattoos anyway… too far?

I can highly recommend the lovely Martin and Jo at Bluebird in Watford if you’re in the area and fancy getting yourself Tat’d!

My most recent tattoo is ‘Faith’ on the inside of my forearm.  It is pretty massive, but also pretty and massive. I figured if I was going to have a giant tattoo it needed to be quite delicate and feminine. It did make my entire arm swell up though. That was a great look!

The design was based on some artwork by one of my favourite artists, Catherine Campbell.

Her designs are amazing, see for yourself!

She even featured me on her blog AND called me a lady!


I also have ‘Love’ with an anchor on my foot.

The original design had a bird on it but I have a special place in my heart for anchors.

The idea of being ‘anchored’ in Love is something that is important to me, that ‘Love’ will be what ‘keeps you steady and firm in times of trouble and uncertainty’ to quote a wise girl called Jodie.

My third tattoo was the first one I ever got and it says ‘Hope’ on my wrist. I don’t love it so much.

(Yes, I know it’s on me for life … Should I not have been more sure? Blah Blah… Don’t judge me.)

It was a bit of a spontaneous one and so, now, I do wish I had thought more about it.

I am planning on having things added to it so that the love is there for ‘Hope’!

Therefore I will save the unveiling of ‘Hope’ for another day.

I also have a little idea for a fourth tattoo … Don’t tell my mum.

– Celeste


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