This Weekend: Share the love!

This week has flown by for us foxes, so this weekend we want to invest some time in doing good little things for those around us! Not only does it make our friends and sweethearts feel the love but it also makes us smile.

Here’s a few ideas what to do:

Do something you know your friend/boyfriend/husband loves – even if it means having your legs knee deep in mud while trekking in the middle of nowhere!

Bake a cake for a friend – just because they’re lovely!

Spend time with someone special playing games, chatting and having a ball!

Give a far a way friend a call and make those miles disappear!

Whatever your weekend will look like – we hope you have a good one!  Thanks for following our little blog – we feel the love every day!

-Sarah, Celeste and Hanna


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One response to “This Weekend: Share the love!

  1. I like the ‘bake a cake for a friend just because they’re lovely’ I may do this out of the blue sometime 🙂 I usually bake for my bible study group or church events. My friend leaves France for the states soon so today we are having High tea at a friend’s apartment and I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, I recommend them –you can make into a cake for a friend :)) xx

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