This Weekend: Pay tribute to the Mothers.

This Sunday, in the U.K., is Mothering Sunday.

So we thought that this weekend would be a perfect weekend to be kind, spoil, appreciate and love on the women who have created, raised, inspired and formed the people that we are today.

Whether that be biological, step, foster or surrogate mum’s, let’s thank them for being the women that they are and making us the people that we are.

So this weekend in tribute to motherhood you could:

If you are in a similar boat to us three foxes and far from your mums,  send flowers, a cute card – like the one above from Rifle Paper Co. – or just have a good old natter on the phone or skype machine!

If you have the good fortune of being near to your Mum then a cuddle and a bit of cooking or cleaning wouldn’t go astray?

And all of us, for the respective mother figures in our lives, could write down on a nice little something, a memory that we have of our mum’s. A time when we saw a particular strength, kindness, beauty, gusto or humour … all of the things that we wish we had more of!

If you want to send us a little picture of what you did for your mum.. or even the memory you had.

You can email us at

Have a lovely weekend and be nice to those sweet ladies that we know called Mums!


– Sarah, Hanna and Celeste



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2 responses to “This Weekend: Pay tribute to the Mothers.

  1. I’m lucky it’s not Mother’s Day down here… at least I think so? Thanks for the reminder and the awesome old school pic though.

    Also love the blog 😀

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