Make Do Mend: Pretty as a Picture


There are some days in life when cash is tight for various reasons, sometimes self-inflicted, sometimes it seems the elements are just against you.

There are some days when there is someone who you think is pretty special, delightful and sweet in your life.

There are some days when that special, delightful and sweet one has their birthday and you know that they totally deserve  a pony!

There are some days when the three above days are combined and you know that you can’t afford a pony but want to make something special. You know what I mean, something that says,

‘I wish this was a pony, cause you totally deserve it, but I am a bit strapped just now.’

This day came upon me a few weekends ago. You will have seen some of Our Weekend in Pictures and we had a little friend who turned ONE!

She is totally delightful, full of life, charming and I defy anyone to say that she does not deserve a pony!

So I wanted to make her something that  she would remember, maybe something that would just be a part of her kid memories. I had an old school Bambi poster that  almost feels a part of me because it’s part of my earliest memories.

Anyway, I am babbling… I do that.

Here was my solution.

I had a beautiful little Belle & Boo card that is so cute and reminded me of the lovely Ellie.

I had some gorgeous fabric.

I had bought a frame from a charity shop which I didn’t like the colour of so I painted it.

If you’re painting an old wooden frame but want to keep the ‘woody’ feel then keep your brush fairly dry and don’t put the paint on too thick, that way you keep the grainy look!

This is what I managed to create.. a poor man’s pony.

But hopefully something special none the less!

– Celeste


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