Dress Up: On Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket…

I’ve never been a leather jacket kinda gal until one fine evening a few years back, when I won one on a university raffle. Yes, you heard right, a raffle! Until then my biggest raffle win had been a tin of soup (why would anyone even do that?? It’s a big fall from “YOU WON!” to “It’s a can of soup!”). Anyway, this particular evening I won a leather jacket (originally from the high street shop Mango) that instantly made me a wannabe biker girl. I’ve found that the joy of a leather jacket is that, as time goes by, the leather just keeps getting softer and the jacket just keeps looking better. The creases and wear just add to the appeal. I guess that’s why it’s an investment (in my case a £1 well spent). If you choose to get a timeless leather jacket, you have a go-to piece of clothing for a long, long time (unless you have a tendency to loose things).

A top tip for those thinking of getting a leather jacket. Buy a snug fitting one. My jacket is probably a size smaller than I would have gone for, had I bought it myself, but it’s turned out to be a perfect fit (well.. zipping it up is a big no no though :)). I like to wear it over a roll neck cardigan or a hoodie -depending on the occasion. It’s a perfect jacket when going out to the pub or on a date. Can’t go wrong really.

If you have a Perfect Leather Jacket or have tips on where to get one – share the love! I think everyone needs to embrace their inner biker girl and get one – even if you wear your PLJ with flowery dresses like me!!

– Hanna


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