Fair Weekending Friends!

This weekend is slap bang in the middle of fair trade fortnight and so we thought we would do some stuff this weekend to add our voices to the fair-trade movement which aims to ensure farmers and others who produce our stuff get paid fairly, work in good conditions and fair-trade also invests in their community … This gets a big thumbs up from us!

So this weekend we will be:

Swapping one item you normally buy for the fair-trade option:  A good place to start might be your Saturday morning coffee.  This Delicious coffee from equal exchange comes in top of the pops for amazing taste and ethics:http://www.equalexchange.co.uk ! Or of course you could try out some  fairly traded Vino

Take two minutes:  We will be adding our voices to the Fair twirl campaign to ask Mr Cadbury to make the delicious twirl out of fairly sourced chocolate!  Fancy joining us? http://www.tearfund.org/en/248153/fb/campaigns/emerginginfluencers/lukejohnson/

Divine Baking:  Who doesn’t love a bit of baking of a Sunday afternoon?  This Sunday we are going to attempt to bake (and obviously consume) some of these incredible looking brownies, out of some gorgeous fairly traded divine chocolate ( you can pick this up in all the regular places )

Chocolate and brownie pudding (From http://www.divinechocolate.com/recipes/desserts/hazelnutchocpud.aspx)

4 tbsps Divine Cocoa
100ml boiling water
200g unsalted butter, very soft
200g light muscovado sugar
3 large free range eggs
200g self raising flour
100g Divine Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts or 100g Milk Chocolate
50g hazelnuts roughly chopped

125ml single cream
100g Divine 70% Dark Chocolate
25g unsalted butter

Heat the over to 180C
Mix the cocoa with the boiling water in a heatproof bowl and stir until smooth. Leave to cool until needed. Put the soft butter, sugar, eggs and flour into a bowl of a food mixer and beat until smooth and thoroughly mixed. Add the cocoa mixture and beat again until combined. Break the bar of hazelnut chocolate into squares and stir into the sponge mixture. Spoon into the prepared tin and spread evenly. Scatter the chopped nuts over the top then bake in the heated oven for 20 minutes or until just firm to the touch.

While the sponge is baking, make the chocolate sauce; heat the cream in a small pan until steaming. Remove the pan from the heat. Break up the bar of dark chocolate and add the squares to the cream. Stir gently until smooth then stir in the butter. Keep warm.

Cut the hot sponge into squares and set on individual plates, pour over a little warm sauce and serve immediately, with the rest of the sauce in a jug. Any left over sponge and sauce can be eaten at room temperature as a brownie.


We’ll pop up some pics on Monday, why not send us yours?

Happy Weekend!

Hanna, Celeste & Sarah

Ps… you may have spotted lots of kids dressed as their fav bookish characters… a reminder of World Book day this week… we think we might join in the fun by finding a choosing a book that has been living unread on our bookshelves and reading it… I have oodles to choose from…


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