Found Things: Right Shoe.

Over the course of our normal weeks we come across little things that are pretty, sparkly and brighten our days, from music and art to cafe’s and shops, here are some things we have found…

 My Right Shoe

Yesterday, I found something I thought was lost forever. I had resigned myself to the fact that my lovely little lace up heel was gone forever. Just the right shoe, the left shoe was safe in my room, taunting me.. reminding me, smug even… or was it sad, making me feel guilty that I had not taken care of it’s lovely little counterpart.

It was a sad day when I realised I had lost that little shoe. They were the perfect shoes, they went with everything but didn’t go with anything, the right height heel, perfect fit and even better only £3 from a charity shop!

And just when I had given up all hope, there it was, chilling behind the couch the whole time!! Yay!




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One response to “Found Things: Right Shoe.

  1. Justine Owens

    too cute to boot! (Pun intended)

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