Make, Do, Mend: Light up your World

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The days are finally starting to get a little  lighter but, if you’re anything like me, the light and warm spring days could not come any faster. So in honour of that this post is about (artificial) light.

I was given a vase few years ago that I could not find a suitable purpose for, too tall for flowers, too big for the table, too this and too that. It really only made sense as a base for a lamp…

So I grabbed a neutral shade from TK Maxx and a reduced to clear old lamp that I could take apart. Both came to total of £ 7.99 ,needless to say they were both from the bargain section:) (Old charity shop lamps and shades would be great too.)

1. At home I carefully drilled a hole (or might have got my nifty husband to do it) to the back of the vase as close to the bottom as I could.

2.Next, I put the bulb holder from the newly aqquired lamp on top of the vase and guided the lead through the drilled hole (I had to cut the plug out and rewire back in after guiding the lead through – and yes, I put my husband to work again:)

3.All that was left to do was to pop the shade on top and voila! a new lamp was born!

If the drilling and rewiring is not your cup of tea – a simpler way of getting yourself an old/new lamp is to cover an existing shade with your favourite material (using a glue gun to attach) or simply giving a charity shop lamp a new life at your home…

Also, my old red lamp, that used to be bolted on to my desk when in primary school, is now (after 20 years in the garage) providing a reading light in our lounge.

Happy days!



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